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The fact that this book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1983 was only yet another reason for me to read it. I don’t commonly search for books to read. Usually, I go to bookstores or book fares and choose books based on how I feel at the moment. And at the moment I picked The Colour Purple by Alice Walker I didn’t know what to expect. In Romania this book is published by Editura Art.

I began reading it one night right after finishing another book, and my idea was to read the first chapter, to get a general feeling of what it’s about and then go to sleep. Of course, that flew out the window, and I ended up finishing the book in one sitting.

The book is written in the form of letters, that the main character Celie writes to God in which she tells him about her life. Long story short, she begins writing letters to God when she is 14 years old. Her mother is sick, and her father Alphonso beats her and rapes her regularly. She has a younger sister Nettie, with which she is very close. She has two children as a result of her being raped that Alphonso kidnaps and takes away.

The main story begins with Celie being married off to an older man, solely called Mister, to take care of his children and his house. Nettie is forced to leave home and begin her own life, and so Celie finds herself all alone, surrounded by strangers.

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