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I’ve heard about Graeme Macrae Burnet‘s “His Bloody Project” on the radio last year, and I wanted to read it right away. I’ve bought it the next days, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to read it until recently.

The book is about a triple murder committed by Roderick Macrae by using a shovel, in a small Scotish village in 1869. The first part of the novel contains the diary of the defendant written while he was in prison in which he describes his life and the events that led him to act like a criminal. The second part of the book is formed by the trial and the declaration of Roderick’s lawyer and doctor (Dr. James Bruce Thomson actually existed).

How “His Bloody Project” impacted me

I will definitely not talk about what happened to the 17 old Scotish boy that made him kill three people because the story kept me engaged all night and I don’t want the future readers to miss this. However, I will describe the feelings I had while reading it. I know that one usually doesn’t sympathize with the criminals, but I couldn’t help but pity Macrae Burnet. My rational self was telling me that he might have been a sociopath, with no moral responsibility or conscience, but I just could not feel sorry for him after the events that led him to the killing road.

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